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Have you ever really added up all the time and expense it takes for you to install your own fence, while struggling with equipment that just doesn’t quite cut it?? You might be amazed to find out that Feldman Fencing can come in with the best equipment available and install your fence in a fraction of the time. Because of our efficiency, the cost can often be comparable to what it would cost you to do the work yourself! Let us worry about your fence so you can spend more of your time increasing your production in other areas of your farm.

Feldman Fencing has over 30 years of combined experience and specializes in livestock fence installation and supplies. All "finished products" are completed only by our experienced full-time employees. No part-time, seasonal workers will be tensioning wires or installing fence clips! Feldman Fencing now offers many types of residential fence installation as well!

  • Pasture fencing (barb wire, woven, electric)
  • Sorting corrals
  • Continuous panels
  • Feedlots
  • Fence line feeders
  • Chain link
  • Post and board
  • Picket
  • Vinyl
  • High Quality Materials
  • Professional Installation and Repair
  • Best Equipment Available
  • Efficient / Timely Service
  • Rugged / Tough Terrain
  • Durable Long Lasting Fencing